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Journey of Being the SWHS Mascot (Victor E Cub)

Courtesy Clayton Hall
Clayton Hall the Victor E. Cub Mascot stands with SWHS teacher Kelly Hawkins at a fall game.

It’s 6:15 pm, the football game is about to kick off, and here I am behind the home football stands, squeezing into the Victor E Cub costume with my awesome sidekick, handler Raf. 

The mix of panic and nerves gives way to pure excitement as I prepare to become “The Cub.” While I get ready to go out in public, I remember some quotes to help motivate me, those being “Team Mascot is necessary to keep the crowd hype and get the crowd going.” Said Carsten Reynolds, a Senior and #12 on the Varsity football team.

 “I believe a school mascot is very special and helps unite our spirit section and community.” Said Kelly Hawkins, ASB advisor and teacher. “They help get the crowd excited and bring us someone to feel pride in.”

As I step into the spotlight, the butterflies in my stomach dissolve, replaced by overwhelming happiness. People are everywhere, and suddenly, fingers point my way with shouts of “There’s the Cub!”

The rush of emotions hits, and the crowd converges with excited looks on their faces, making me feel incredibly happy and ready for the football game. 

Close to the crowd, I start dishing out high fives and fist bumps. Some people want photos and I pose with them. Little kids hug me with excitement.

 Some people told me, “Getting to see all of the little kids get pictures with our mascot while I’m in the stands with the band always makes me feel really happy, and I love it when Victor dances with the band and cheers with us,” said by Katie Kins, the Sophomore ASB Vice Class President and Trumpet and French Horn player for the Sedro-Woolley High School band. “I think it’s cool how he gets more people from our community involved”, 

“When Victor E Cub is present at the games, children run to find the Cub and take pictures or get a hug,” said Kerri Carlton, the principal. “The smiles are evidence of how much the mascot is beloved by all.  You can see the impact of Victor E Cub at all the games, and it almost feels like we are not a complete school community without our Cub mascot.” Now if you were wondering how I snagged the gig, I asked Coach Lauren, and with no competition running against me, I became the Cub. It’s not just a story about a kid in a mascot outfit; it’s me living my high school dream.

 “It is so important to have the right person as our mascot.  The student has to be willing to interact with every child that comes to see them and also be happy, upbeat, and positive, as well as cheer on the team throughout the entire game.  It takes a lot of energy and love to be the mascot, but the payoff for everyone is truly amazing”, said Carlton.

The epic moment begins: charging behind the football team just before kickoff, Cub faces flag in hand, cheers echoing along with the “On Wisconsin” fight song from the marching band. My heart races as I run down the field, spinning the Cubs face the flag, getting hyped for the game, and ending up on the track for the end of the song.   

After the Star-Spangled Banner played by the marching band, I held up my favorite signs – “Make Noise” and “Go Cubs.” The cheers, chants, and shouts surround me, turning me into the hype conductor, “I believe he fosters a positive, cheerful, and fun environment”, said Kim Carsten, Life Skills paraeducator teacher. I transform the crowd’s passion into a spirited concert. “He makes school spirit better and gets everyone around more involved”, said Maddie Johnson, a Sophomore. 

“SEDRO-WOOLLEY CUBS TOUCHDOWN!!!” The energy surges as I run down the track with the Cub face flag, while the cheers get louder and the band starts playing the fight song again for the touchdown, I start feeling the spirit in every bone in my body. A Cubs touchdown is an exhilarating shot of excitement.

Minutes later, I launch Cubs spirit T-shirts into the crowd, creating a party scene with hands waving and little kids lifted by hyped-up parents. I’m in control of the excitement, “Victor E. Cub positively impacts our atmosphere at SWHS. They aid as a positive role model, along with creating a more dynamic fan experience at each event they attend”, said Kevin Owens, Athletic Director.  

“Victor E makes the school spirit bright and joyful”, said Ellie Guffie, a Sophomore Cheerleader. 

Seven minutes before halftime, the fun as Victor E Cub ends. Backstage chaos ensues as I swap the mascot gear for the amazing marching band uniform with the help of Raf and Ms. Duley, a dedicated band parent. It’s a quick change. A transformative moment.

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