Fall Production Wows Audiences


Courtesy of Shayleigh Baumgardner.

Cast members line the stage during one of the performances of this year’s fall production, “Class Act.”

Emersen Wagner, Reporter

Early November the SWHS Drama Club put on the annual Fall production, Class Act. The play was written by our high school’s Drama and English teacher, Amy Gregory and was a high school variation on the storyline most famously used in It’s a Wonderful Life, by Phillip Van Doren Stern.
Seeing as the production began working early fall, a lot more than a play came as a result “ I think that it [the play] went really well and that we built a family. I also think that the lower class men met new friends that became great mentors.” said Paige Hupp a freshman who played ‘Ashlynn’ in the play.
The production opened the year with bonds and new connections for the Drama Club. Hopefully, their drive and new bonds will continue to assist future productions from here on out.